Web Development

Web Development

Learn And Shine provides extensive web development training in the LAMP stack (Linux Apache PHP MySQL). PHP is a scripting language that executes on the server side and generates HTML to be displayed by the client browser. PHP is very effective for web development because it seamlessly integrates with HTML.  Many public sites on the internet are built using PHP such as Yahoo.

Our web development courses start with the fundamentals of HTML. Once the course participants are clear about the basics, we move on to CSS and JavaScript to help build interactive and responsive websites.

To make the site dynamic, we then teach PHP on the LAMP stack. Participants learn how to setup and configure LAMP ( for future practice ), and then work on several hands-on activities including database creation and management, Configuring Apache, and then implementing PHP based websites.

Our real-world exposure provided to candidates helps them adapt to the challenging requirements of almost every company that needs to build one or more high performing dynamic websites.

Participants who complete our web development courses successfully get the ability to:

Design Web Pages using HTML, CSS
Use JavaScript to make the page interactive
Build dynamic web pages using PHP
Integrate MySQL with PHP and make database connectivity


Website Design Fundamentals




Dynamic sites with PHP

Building a WordPress site


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