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Mobiles are the future of software engineering, and the challenge to adopt and understand it has begun. Mobile Application Development has become one of the fastest pathways to a successful career in the software industry. Job Portals show that Platforms like iOS and Android are trending. You need proper guidance to strengthen your programming skills in this rapidly-evolving technology and gain exposure to the latest development trends.

Welcome Aboard! At Learn And Shine, we have access to a team of experienced mobile technology professionals. We intend to provide the best quality training programs in leading mobile development platforms like iOS and Android. The training program is uniquely designed to strengthen the student’s basic programming skills, familiarizing of industry oriented standards and coupled with Our own projects which will transform you to be among the cutting edge mobile technology professionals.

Android, the world’s most popular mobile platform.

The Android OS today runs millions of mobile devices globally, with the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fast. Every day a huge number of new users power up their Android devices for the first time and start looking for apps, games, and other digital content.

Android is a Linux-based operating system, with a touch screen UI. Other features include widgets, camera, network data monitoring and all the other features that enable a cell phone to be called a smartphone. The Android platform supports hundreds of applications, available through the Android Play Store. End users can also develop, install and use their own applications using the Android platform and framework. The Apache License used in the Android framework allows application developers the right to distribute their applications under their customized license.


Mobile App Design Basics

Building Android Apps with Java

Building Native Mobile Apps With React Native

Working with Flutter

Ios Basics

Working with Apache Cordova

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