Internship In Bangalore

 Learn And Shine provides internship programs for college and university students and recent graduates to work on collaborative industry driven projects. Participants will work on a comprehensive paid internship program. The journey begins with skill enhancement training programs. During training, you will learn the skills needed to succeed in today’s work environment. During Internship, participants learn lessons on business etiquette, conflict resolution and business communication skills. Interns who successfully surpass the challenges and complete the training, will be placed into a paid “Meaningful Internship”. In your job, after completion of successful paid meaningful internship, you will be a contributing member of a professional work team, doing real work for major companies.

Benefits of internship Program with Learn And Shine:

  • As our student in an internship program, you will understand the technology and its underlying command.
  • Based on the projects, you will get hands-on exercises and real-time case studies to develop expertise in the tools and IT technologies.
  • We create the need to run different test cases, hands-on exercises and result validation to meet customer standards.
  • Final deployment with proper documentation.

Throughout your internship, you’ll receive additional classroom instruction and individual counseling on college and career opportunities through our ‘College & Career Connections’ program. Learn And Shine works with staff who assist you with college selection.

Once you’ve graduated from the college and completed your internship, Learn And Shine is here for you by providing ongoing support through our Alumni program. Our alumni staff will help you navigate the complex world of post-secondary education, as well as other obstacles that may stand in your way of achieving college and career success.

We provide the framework for a new generation of IT revolutionaries. We provide students with the opportunity to gain real world experience in settings outside of the classroom. Learn And Shine provides a practical and intensive training to students who genuinely desire to inculcate skills. Learn And Shine internship programs provide the necessary framework for our students to take the next step in creating and expanding new possibilities in the IT industry.

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