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JavaScript is a scripting language that is used primarily to execute client side validation and UI logic.  It has become very popular in the last decade due to increased need for dynamic websites. It is also used in server-side programming sometimes.

JavaScript started out as a method for providing validation of forms on the Web Browser, and it has gradually gained acceptance as a mainstream programming language due to its ability to handle complex scenarios as well some of the characteristics as identified below:

  • Convenience: JavaScript, like other scripting languages, is dynamically typed. A variable type is not required to define new variables. Also, you can reuse variables to hold objects of different types. The type conversion is automatic in many cases, such as from the numeric value 10 to the literal text string “10” as necessary.
    • Supports Developing rapid prototypes: You can write JavaScript code oon the fly and immediately test it. The environment to run the JavaScript will also be able to highlight errors as soon as you type in the code, thereby speeding up the development cycle.
  • Application extension/customization: Scripting can be utilized to move common logic from your application to external modules – such as configuration scripts, business logic/rules and math expressions for financial applications – thereby giving you the flexibility to change such logic more easily.


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