Fresher Training


Learn And Shine offers internship programs for college and university students and recent graduates to work on collaborative industry driven projects.

Participants will work on a comprehensive paid internship program. The journey begins with skill enhancement training programs. During training, you will learn the skills needed to succeed in today’s work environment.

After the training, Interns learn lessons on business etiquette, conflict resolution and business communication skills. Interns who successfully surpass the challenges and complete the training, will be placed into a paid “Meaningful Internship”.

In your job, after completion of successful paid meaningful internship, you will be a contributing member of a professional work team, doing real work for major companies.

Placement Support

Learn And Shine provides Placement support for various technologies, including Java/.NET/Python among others.

Our courses are designed to ensure participants get useful practical knowledge on Java. You will learn to work under the guidance of experienced instructors and get implementation experience in Java/.NET and other technologies and frameworks.

IT Niche Skills Training

At Learn And Shine, we bring your skills up-to-date with access to hundreds of courses authored by Learn And Shine trainers / industry experts. Master the skills you need to move ahead.

Get unlimited access to industry-leading practice tests. Develop the technology skills you need to advance in your career rapidly. Master the latest technologies with a large number of on-demand and interactive courses taught by industry experts.

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