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Software Testing is one of the key activities of Information Technology, with many tools available to support multiple test activities. The Software Tester/Manager needs to perform activities such as planning, validating requirements, defining test plans and cases, executing them, logging defects, and performing test result analysis, for improving the quality of the software being developed.

Multiple parameters can be used to classify software testing tools. A few are listed below:

  • The purpose of the tool
  • The Activities that are supported within the tool
  • The Type/level of testing it supports
  • The Kind of licensing (open source, freeware, commercial)
  • The technology used

Types of Tools:

S.No.Tool TypeUsed forUsed by
1.Test Management ToolManage Tests, Schedule Test Execution, Log defects, Perform tracking and analysistesters
2.Configuration management toolUsed to retrieve artifacts for testing and tracking changes.All Team members
3.Static Analysis ToolsStatic TestingDevelopers
4.Test data Preparation ToolsGeneration of Test Data, Analysis and Design of Test CasesTesters
5.Test Execution ToolsImplementation, ExecutionTesters
6.Test ComparatorsHelp to compare expected vs actual resultsAll Team members
7.Coverage measurement toolsProvides structural coverageDevelopers
8.Performance Testing toolsDesigned to monitor the performance and response time of the application being testedTesters
9.Project planning and Tracking ToolsUsed for planningProject Managers
10.Incident Management ToolsTo capture information about the tests, for analysisTesters

Identifying Test Tools and Using Them

  • Analyze the problem carefully and identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • Note down the constraints such as budgets, time and other requirements
  • Evaluate the options and Shortlist the ones that meet the requirements
  • Develop a Proof of Concept to validate the shortlisted tools and fine tune the list by comparing the pros and cons of each tool
  • Use the selected tool with a specified team on a Pilot project
  • Gradually, roll out the tool across the organization, validating the utilization and improving the implementation methodology at each stage


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