Programming Languages

Programming Language Courses

At Learn And Shine, we provide solid foundational training in all aspects of current programming languages including C++, Java, Python, PHP, C#, VB.NET among others. We provide a well structured course that will help course participants understand the concepts of the language clearly, with a clear focus on application of language constructs to build real-world applications.

Participants will learn to simulate object oriented designs for common scenarios, and code them and run the code in our world-class programming lab in the cloud.

Thousands of different programming languages are available today, with new ones coming out every year. Some are written in an imperative form – as a sequence of operations to perform. Others use a declarative syntax – with the desired result specified, not the way to achieve it.

Programming languages are usually described as a combination of syntax and semantics. Here at Learn And Shine, participants of our programming language courses learn both effectively, with an emphasis on practical usage to build useful, robust applications.

We also ensure that our course participants learn good coding standards and styles of programming. We also cover methods to enhance the application by using advanced features available in newer versions of the programming languages.

Students will be given clear guidance and instructions for understanding the keywords and syntax of the programming language, along with advanced concepts such as concurrent programming, lambda expressions,annotations, etc.











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